About Me

My Timeline

  • Founder | Fullstack Engineer
    Astrochimp, LLC
    April 2023 to Current
    Developing websites for clients in Astro or Next.js
    Backend development using Postgres, Node.js
    Building Mobile apps using React Native and Expo
    Developing AI based tools
    Three.js websites
  • Senior Frontend Engineer
    April 2021 to April 2023
    React Native mobile app for iOS and Android
    Developed technical roadmap for addressing new features and tech debt
    Chrome Extension - Zip’s extension to enable browsing on desktop, built with React and Next.js
    Technology used: React, React Native, Typescript, Redux, React Query and Next.js
    Improved animation on mobile app, introduced new animation libraries and concepts
    Performed accessibility audit of all platforms. Provided guidance for WCAG compliance
  • Senior Software Engineer
    February 2020 to April 2021
    Application development of the Cloud UI application where customers manage Elasticsearch deployments
    Working with Typescript, React, Redux, Cypress, Elastic’s EUI component library
  • Lead Frontend Engineer
    December 2018 to February 2020
    Application development with React and Redux
    Setup application style guide. Organized new styling system using SASS, CSS and D3.js graphics and chart development
    Manage and mentor a team of remote Front End Developers
    Work with Product Managers to develop and manage sprints
    Determine tech roadmap and implementation timeframe
    Introduced testing framework, error monitoring and application monitoring practices for preparing application for production
  • Senior Software Engineer
    March 2016 to September 2018
    Front end web development in React.js using Redux and Context API for state mgmt.
    Gatsby.js for custom static site development. Building fast loading mobile first sites.
    Managed a website generating millions of page views.
    Backend development using Node.js (json api and GraphQL services)
    AWS - including S3, EC2, Lambda and Redshift
    Built internal applications for using Node.js and React; feed simulator/modeling for posts React, Node.js MongoDB
    Internal video search tool. React, EC2, Redshift, S3
    Built partner/co-branded sites for featuring videos. React, Gatsby S3
    CircleCI and Jenkins CI/CD tools
    SASS, CSS3, and HTML5
  • Senior Software Engineer
    November 2014 to March 2016
    Part of the team that launched the initial Friends and Family version and public site.
    Tech used: Angular.js, Node.js, JQuery, Vanilla Javascript, Gulp and Stylus.
    Introduced React.js for future migrations and adoption.
    Internal order tracking system. Built the Front end for an internal real-time dashboard for frontline customer service. Built using Angular.js. Initial proof of concept in React.js
    Merchant Portal: part of a team to build and launch the Jet Merchant and Brand Portal. The tool allows for Merchants and Brands to view sales data, top selling products and adjust prices on their products on Jet.com. Built using Angular.js and C#/F# on the backend.
  • Director of Web Services
    Syracuse University
    August 2005 to October 2014
    Managed a team of four Web Developers
    Managed several sites on campus including www.syr.edu, and various sites that supported the University Giving and Alumni Relations campaigns
    Websites to drive the 1 Billion Dollar University wide Campaign
    Supported the University wide Cascade CMS (XML,XSL/Velocity based Content Management System) Website development, User training and feature development. Technology
    Tech used: PHP/MySQL, XML, XSL, Oracle, Node.js, Angular.js, Ubuntu server management. Wordpress website development. HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, D3, Responsive design and more. Mobile app development